Project Lone Star is SAMSON Controls’ strategic initiative to “Double our Space, Double our People, Triple our Output”. The project spans a 3 year horizon beginning with a new production hall adjacent to our existing facility in Baytown Texas. It culminates with the addition of new machine tools and the  addition of a new state of the art welding and state of the art coating line. Project Lone Star lays the foundation for our next phase of growth in North America and will better support our partners and customers through:

  • Increased Production Capacity: With double the space allotted to all existing operating units we gain the room to take on more and larger work and support increased headcount for capacity growth. Additionally, new operations will be added including the aforementioned welding and coating lines.
  • Improved Efficiency: We are rethinking every aspect of production. Value streams and production flows are designed into the expansion from the beginning to take advantage of lean concepts and better incorporate our standard workflows to reduce bottlenecks.
  • New Products and Services: The SAMSON product roadmap lies front and center in our planning process. Production areas are planned according to current and future products. Investments in tools and manufacturing equipment are planned to optimize manufacturing of our 2030 new product portfolio.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Better material flows, workflows, and production optimizations are considered against the driving question. What makes us “Better, Faster, Cheaper”. We intend to support our partners and customers with improved material availability, lead times, and unparalleled quality.